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Links for CALL lab lessons

compiled by

Robert L. Fielding


1.      Vocabulary

Writing Centre website – Vocabulary page – this page has links to several interactive sites to help with vocabulary -

A tool to create a glossary of words that students input -

Online dictionary and thesaurus -

2.      Grammar

A great place to start - UGRU English website -


Writing Centre website – Grammar page – lots of links to good, interactive sites -

Grammar search engine -

List of irregular verbs -

Complete list of verb tenses -

Grammar links for English language learners – especially writers -

Sentence generator – have fun while learning -

Grammar logs -

Great powerpoint presentations on grammar and composition points – well worth a visit **** (great for teachers) -

Grammar at Dave’s -

A teacher’s ‘blinklist’ – all types of help -

Activities for learners – at all levels – grammar, vocabulary + translation

 (English-Arabic) -

Complete list of verb tenses - – interactive exercises – jumbled sentences with answers

3.      Writing sentences

The structure of sentences explained – compound/complex -

English tests – more work on sentence structure -

Elements of sentence construction -



4.      Writing paragraphs

Owl at Purdue for everything connected with writing – take your pick -

The 8-minute window – a window that lets you write for 8 minutes only

Paragraph development -

5.      Writing essays

Owl at Purdue for everything connected with writing – take your pick -

EFL/ESL Writing activities -

Principles of composition – a galaxy of activities and help on every aspect of

writing at university -

A- Z Index -

Descriptions of different types of essays -

6.      Reading short stories

Virtual Library – students can find all sorts of things to read here -


7.      Reading non-fiction

Reading for students and teachers -

8.      Punctuation

All kinds of help with writing – punctuation, spelling and grammar + some higher order sub-skills -

9.      Spelling

Spelling rules online -

UGRU Spelling Lab-

10.  Creative Writing

Creative Writing techniques to get you started

Freewriting pages -

The ten-minute window -

The 5-minute window -

Creative thinking techniques (this could be used early in the course) -

Explanation of the justification for freewriting – best for teachers -

11.  Other stuff

A compendium of activities, help and advice for English language learners’ study skills -

Create a graph – easy to use, free software to create all kinds of charts and graphs -

A place to leave your own links – could be of use to teachers and students – just

 provide username etc and fill with links -

Start a blog –

Start a website – follow the instructions step by step

Style conventions for students’ writing -

A place to leave your own favourite links – could be of use to teachers and

students – just provide username etc and fill with links -

Online resources for writers -

Dictation page on Writing Centre website -

Robert L. Fielding