Be kind to everyone you meet.
You may never see them again.

Write to be read - be better than you need to be!

This page has links listed to help YOU be the best YOU can, in any area of YOUR life.

Improving YOU – this page has things you can do to improve your mind – to improve your life!

30 things to start doing for yourself – from spending time with the right people (those who love you) to focusing on the possibility of positive outcomes, this page will assist you in your own personal improvement

25 beautifully illustrated thought-provoking questions, beautifully illustrated to inspire you to give creative answers to the questions

30 challenges for 30 days of growth – includes 30 ‘instructions’ – suggestions – for you to achieve happiness and creativity

30 books everyone should read before their 30th birthday – too late for some of us – try to read them anyway – they contain the wisdom of the ages

60 ways to make life simple again – vital in this super-complicated world of ours

10 commandments for a good life – ten important things to begin and continue doing

101 short stories that will leave you crying, smiling and thinking – very short stories – true ones that will touch your sensitivity – the root of your creativity – read, cry, become enriched and influenced – create

12 dozen places to educate yourself online for free – links listed under subjects – Law, Medicine, Business, History, Linguistics et al (a great link to ESP students and beyond) ****** - 144 great links

Lifewriting – tips and exercises – start writing to find out who you really are

The 21st Century Learner – youtube educational videos – links to great videos to watch and learn from

Wikiversity – Social Sciences *** - a good place to begin research in almost any academic subject.

itunesU – Apple in Education – podcasts and switched on ways to learn

Wikiversity – another incredible place to start your academic studies

Textbook Revolution – the online library of the world

BBC Learning – the ultimate place to learn online

Robert L. Fielding