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Help with phonetic symbols

Help with producing the sounds represented by phonetic symbols

Links to other sites

BBC Guides
NB: All good dictionaries include a chart of all phonetic symbols used with each headword.


Check your writing assignment for the following:-
A clear argument

Supporting your argument

Appropriate staging

Key concepts


Critical analysis

In text referencing

Full reference list

Vocabulary (use, register and variety)

Sentence structure


Learning Strategies

Homepage of Study Guides and Strategies
Find out what kind of learner you are by filling out this online questionnaire
A good site for all sorts of things for students and teachers

BBC Learning English – a place to listen to English to help your listening comprehension

Online listening for learners – lots and lots of different topics

Keeping a reflective journal – something you can do for the rest of your life

Style Manual for everything from how to punctuate sentences to when to use italics in your writing

Untangling the web – help with online research

Counseling services and information and advice on all sorts of problems

Feeling homesick – find your local newspaper on this site – wherever you come from in the world

A good place to start to find information

Health issues – find help here, but talk to someone too

Create a place to save and access your favourites
www. is a site that provides a place where you can access all your favourites.
Click on the link and follow the simple instructions.
NB. This is a free and secure site. You will be asked to provide an email address.
Links to concordancers

UGRU Concordancer

Other concordancers - this one is probably the most useful one for students, with a little help from a teacher
Great links for teachers and learners
Using English for Academic Purposes
Glossaries for everything
Wordsmyth – glossary maker (you need to register with this site)
‘Cause and effect essay’ outlines and resources
Chris Morrow’s Blinklist
Activities for Learners