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QUALIFICATIONS  (verification details available upon request)


BA (Hons) Organisational Studies and Social Psychology (Lancaster University 1987)


Ph.D. in Education (details on request)


(FTC) Full Technological Certificate in Mechanical Engineering Production/Credit

City and Guilds of London Institute

MSc: Teaching English/ESP  (AstonUniversity 1997)



RSA Cert TEFL(Pilgrims 1986)




My Articles in Gulf News


Gulf News ‘Notes’

‘Writing is discovering’ (other parts to follow)

‘How to be creative with words’

‘The advantages of working in groups’

‘Taking exams’

‘Becoming a student’ (forthcoming)

‘Avoiding fallacious arguments’ (forthcoming)

‘Time management for students’ (forthcoming

‘Reasons to read’ (forthcoming)

What kind of thinker are you? (Multiple intelligences) 

'Talking to Pharaos' (forthcoming)

'Talking through a world of ideas' ( Go to


UGRU Journal (go to link on homepage)

UGRU Times (go to UGRU Journal/Ugru Times)

Teaching English Oxford University Press

'An Introduction to Writing Articles'

'Teaching Students How to Focus on Topics'

'The Teacher is a Learner and the Learner is a Teacher'

'Learning to Read the World: Using Literature in the Language Classroom'

'Oguz Nesil' Journal of Turkmen Turkish Educational Organization

'Lexical phrases and Native Language Interference in Writing'

'Bil Lingua'  Bilkent University School of English Language Teaching Journal

'Language, Writing, and Creativity'

Applied Linguistics

'Communicative Coherence: A Different Approach to Teaching Grammar'

'Re-ordering and Re-combining: Manipulating Language to Re-draft’

'Forum' ELT Journal

'A Place for Eponyms in English Language Teaching’

‘Forum’ Sultan Qaboos University  Journal of English Language Teaching

 Academic articles: ‘Students’ Errors and their Implications for Syllabus design’

                                  ‘The digital future’

                                  ‘Using authentic language in the classroom’




‘Reflections’ Journal of Sultan Qaboos University

Short Story: ‘Reactions’: A new look at the short story

Article: ‘Cryptic clues to the pigeon-holes of the mind’ 

New York Times:

'Changes in Britain'

Cyprus Today

‘GAP’: Pumping Prosperity to Turkey'

Turkish Daily News

'Cinema and Society'

Oldham Evening Chronicle

'Greenery and Friendliness in a Furnace: The Sudan'

'Ginger's Tale'   

The Travels of a Family and their Cat.  (Available at Barnes and Noble)

‘Other people-other worlds’ The collected short stories of Robert Leslie Fielding (Available at Barnes and Noble)


‘Life Works’  The wisdom of the ages for those living in this one  (Available at Barnes and Noble) forthcoming 2012





British citizen/Native speaker

Married to a citizen of Turkey

Holder of a clean British Driving Licence





Details on application

Here is some of the ONLINE  work I have done for students.

I have constructed the English Writing Centre website for UAE University – here is the link -

On my own website -  I have built up various sites and activities for students

Crosswords -

Blogs for students to read -

A Virtual Writing Centre -

A Virtual Library -

An Independent Learning Centre -

Writing Across the Curriculum -

Critical Thinking -

The Quiet Revolution (environmental issues) -

Organize Your Search -

Sites to encourage creativity -


Interactive blogsites for students’ creative writing -

And an outline of my latest book, entitled ‘LIFE WORKS’ -

I am a published author, experienced lecturer and prolific writer myself.  There are more than 1 million of my own words on all the above sites, which can all be accessed through my homepage

I must stress that all the sites mentioned are my own creations.  I hold usernames and passwords to each of them.

I will use all of these sites in my teaching at your University, and for that reason, I sincerely urge you to consider my application to you.

Robert Leslie Fielding

© 2006 All Rights Reserved.



 EFL/ESP/EAP Instructor-English Language Lecturer - at the following:-


At present working as an English Language Lecturer and examination item writer at a university in theMiddle East.

(details on application)

Website editor for UAE University (go to the link on the homepage for details) 2003 - 2012

Member of editorial team responsible for the publication of the UGRU online journal (go to homepage for the link)

Strathclyde University, Glasgow  Scotland  UK  Taught Pre-Sessional Courses (August, 2006, 2007 & 2008) 

University of Durham Taught pre-sessional courses (August/September, 2002)

University of Bahrain English Language Centre   (Sept 2002 – 2003)

Taught EAP/ESP at various levels

Sultan Qaboos University Language Center, Oman     (1997 – 2002)

Taught English for students of Sciences & English for Educational Purposes. (Intensive & Credit Courses

Member of Editorial Board of ‘Forum’, the Language Centre’s English Language Teaching Journal

Regular contributor to ‘Forum’ (see Publications)

International Turkmen Turkish University, Ashkabad, Turkmenistan  (1996 – 1997 

Taught English for Academic Purposes, Phonetics, English Language through English Literature

Wrote material and tests for the above courses.

Bilkent University School of English Language, Ankara, Turkey   (1993 – 1996)

Taught EAP and Writing for Freshmen students.

Dogu Akdeniz Universitesi, Magusa, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (1992 –1993)

Taught ESP and wrote materials and textbook

Cukurova University, Adana, Turkey   (1990 – 1992 )

Taught EAP and was Speaking and Listening Coordinator

St. Joseph's High School, Izmir, Turkey   (1988 – 1990)

Ege Lisan Merkezi, Izmir, Turkey      (1988 – 1990)

El Meselemiya Higher Secondary School for Boys, Gezira Province, Sudan (1987 – 1988)

Robert L. Fielding




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