Be kind to everyone you meet.
You may never see them again.

Write to be read - be better than you need to be!

My dear mother, Beryl Fielding, passed away on the 20th of November, 2008.  This is part of my way of remembering her.  She lived a full life, was married for more than 50 years, to my father, Leslie Fielding, had two children - me and my sister Gillian, two grandchildren - John and Lee, and one great grandchild - Lucy.  She was a loving mother in law to Stephen and Nazan,  a kind sister to Jean, sister in law to Graham, and aunt to Steven, Caroline, David, Nicola and Glyn, and she was a loving, appreciative neighbour to Joan and Wendy and Rebecca. May God bless her and may she rest in peace.

She was loved by everyone who knew her and liked by everyone who met her.  How nice it would be if we could all say that about ourselves.

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The Baghavad Gita

Rob Fielding