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Ginger’s Tail

An account of our travels around the Near East, through the eyes of our cat, Ginger.

Other people Other Worlds

Short stories and monologues and sketches

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Life Works

A work of creative non-fiction -  dialogues with people responsible for many of the major advances in the world

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The wheel and the microchip

Constellations of significance: the crossword compiler’s art

Email etiquette for all

Out of print – pity

Thinking about role models

Applying your knowledge to solve practical problems

Music and people


Communicating: food for thought

Keep a journal – help your memory

Noticing everything

Critical thinking: things to avoid doing

Finding your true potential

Reasoning: purposeful thinking

The source of your ability to write

Making reasoned judgments

Pursuits that are never trivial

All I’ve got is a photograph – and lots and lots of memories

Letting your subconscious do the thinking

Developing critical and creative thinkers

The entertainment value of English

What Bert found out – the work of DH Lawrence

What coming from the cultural background really means – born with your feet under the same table

Listen to the females in your family – speed kills

What music can do

What’s in a name?

Global warming – diagrams to help understanding

Solving global warming – doing something

Using all your intelligence

Creative non-fiction: A natural History of The Senses

Hardy and Austen compared

Are people who live abroad more creative?

Have we got a sixth sense – awareness?

Voluntary simplicity – wanting less – finding more out of life

The lesson learned

Letter from America

What is daydreaming?

Earth from outer space

Education is the answer to the world’s ills, not money!

How writing Socratic Dialogues helps critical thinking

The dog days are over

Where good ideas come from


Save our species

What does it for you?

Coping with disaster

What is Attention Deficit Disorder?

How things start out

The digital future

Discovering writing

Review: The Merchant of Venice

Plan, plan, plan, and then plan some more

Creative Writing for learners

Looking back at Oldham – a prose poem written in dialect

Memories and made of this: 1

Thinking skills

Reviving the art of letter writing

To admire greatness and rejoice in beauty

Traffic honking causes some distress to patients in hospital

World Trade Centre – film review

Air and angels – al fresco music at the Rotana Hotel

When is cool not so cool – speed kills

Daniel Craig – the new James Bond: Casino Royale - film review

The Black Dahlia – James Elroy’s other dark places – film review

Danny Deckchair – “d’yuh see it, mate?” – film review

Forrest Gump revisited

Notes on a Scandal – Cate and Judi star - film review

Global warming trivia

We live together: our need to hear noise

Dubai metamorphoses

English concert tour of the UAE

Sweeney Todd - the demon barber of Fleet Street - film review

The 8th Al Ain Classical Music Festival

Review of a classic film – ‘The Birdman of Alcatraz’

Dad’s Army – 40 years young this week

A great film – ‘Gran Torino’ - film review

Alice – “Twas brillig!” - film review

Titus - film review

The lens of the artist

The Lakes - film review

Testing Maslow


Travel Writing

Diary of a genetically unmodified traveler – in 14 parts

Camel wrestling at Selcuk, Turkey

Images of Turkmenistan

The Three Peaks Walk

The Military Tattoo: Edinburgh

Memorial at Gallipoli, Turkey

The Lyke Wake Walk – ‘the miles that grind, the heather hell’

‘The Shelty Arabs’ – the Yemeni community of South Shields, Country Durham

‘And he painted matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs’ – LS Lowrie

The White Spider – a review of Heinrich Harrer’s book on the epics on the North Face of the Eiger

If music be the food of love

UFOs and bomb threats

Mahler needs a Jumbo

Max Gate: Thomas Hardy’s house outside Dorchester

Camping at Gordale

Whit Friday in Saddleworth

Bring me sunshine – Eric Morecambe remembered

The walling off of our land – the Enclosure Act

Rain (not fog)

First impressions – Glasgow

Jebel Hafeet,  UAE – an island peak

Observations in a shopping centre: the visible effects of supermarkets on our town centres

What would Ammon Wrigley have said?

Chesil Beach and Portland

Black Death in Derbyshire – the roses of Eyam

Comments on too much building in Saddleworth

Grass: the great survivor

What lies beneath: how geology influences scenery

Egdon Heath: a face upon which time makes little impression

The Whin Sill appears and then disappears

A4 Pacifics on the east coast route to Edinburgh

Butterflies in the park

The Victorian toilets of Bute – jewels in the sanitarian’s crown

Tam o Shanter

What’s happening to Glasgow?

The new in the old: Britain in the 21st Century

Sunday on the hills of Saddleworth

Glasgow today – for me

Glasgow – second city of the Empire

The euphemisms of the victorious

Spiritualism in Uppermill

The Cuillin Hills, Skye

Clints and grykes – ‘karst scenery in Yorkshire

The forces of Nature: Lynmouth, 1952

The Dumb Steeple and its connection with the Luddites

Links with Scotland

Eilean a Cheo – Skye - isle of mists

Cheerio tae Glasgow

Our last week in Glasgow

Sunday in Edinburgh

Movers and shakers – reporters and makers

Commemorative plaques: our chequered history in names on walls

An insular perspective: a view from an island

Looking back and looking forward


My first day at university

Wonders of the deep

Changing boundaries

BBC radio – the ultimate travelling companion

I belong to Glasgow, dear old Glasgow town

Calum’s Road – book review

Kimmeridge donkeys

The beaks of eagles – Big Sur

Perpetually painted – the Forth Bridge

Hardy’s Wessex

The Roosdyche – chariot racing in Britain

Romans in Derbyshire

Gold, English wallabies and a hidden church – Gradbach Mill

We need safer road junctions

Joe Brown and Don Whillans and the face of rock climbing

Rudyard Kipling – his origins and his legacy

Frederick Delius – a great Yorkshireman

Bleak House - film review

Burgh Island, tractors, pilchards and plots

Lest we forget

Mealtimes in Wigan – Orwell eats

Water Music in Town Square, al Ain

The historical and geographical – settings of Joyce’s Finnegans Wake

Kilnsey Crag – where the Wharfedale glacier rubbed shoulders with the fells

The origins of Bolton Abbey

Gaping Gill

Fingal’s Cave – an organ in stone – a natural cathedral

Sudan – teaching at El Messelemiya Higher Secondary School for Boys – in  many parts

Drake’s Drum

Your very own sunbeam – sunset over water

Audience surrogates – “Simple, dear Hastings!”

 A journey to the Red Sea – in 9 parts

Smuggling – ‘Brandy for the parson, baccy for the clerk’

Living with flaws

Memories and lasting impressions – mixed feelings about Egypt

Egyptians then and now

Mohammed Ali – tobacco trader turned king – the Citadel

The pyramids at Giza – when awesome really does mean awesome

The treasures of all Egypt – 40 centuries look up

Cairo pell mell

Night train to Cairo

Leaving Luxor

King/Queen Hashepsut – honorary male

Wanderings in my youth

Still standing tall – the Old Man of Hoy, Orkney

The beautiful Italian chapel, Orkney – the power of faith and love and industry

Lif back then – Kilbuster Farm Museum

Britain’s Pearl Harbour – Scapa Flow, 1939

Air travel 1

Air travel

New Lanark and the Lanark Medieval Festival


Environmental matters

A land ethic – Aldo Leopold

What we have lost  - DH Lawrence

Environmental ethics – Rachel Carson

Just so much and no more – Donella Meadows

How we look at Nature – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Getting and spending – William Wordsworth

Competing in excellence – Thomas Hurka

The good life – Henry David Thoreau


Other writing

‘Life Works’ – an outline of my 3rd book

‘Write to Think’ – an outline of my forthcoming book about thinking and writing

My short stories 1

My short stories 2

Memories are made of this


Creativity is for everyone

Other blogs - outlines

Talking to Titans – discoveries

Questioning authority – avoiding a consensus of inertia

Educational Philosophy

Inspirational – behind the art

Coming from nowhere – new beginnings

Collective Learning – the story so far

Dialogue for real, lasting change

The people you would choose to restart the planet

Being successful

Ideas worth spreading

Eliminating poverty through education

Encouraging creativity

The 33 Chilean miners are free

Starkadder stories – ideas based upon characters in Stella Gibbons’ ‘Cold Comfort Farm’

Robert L. Fielding